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Amazing things are happening here at CBU.

Our new president will bring the experience, passion, leadership and vision to engage and excite students, faculty, our community (and frankly, the world) about the unique strengths CBU has and where our future opportunities lie. We’re looking for a person who can not only propel our university, but our community and our Island.  The success of all three go hand in hand.

Our University. Our Journey.

CBU is a unique place where students who believe that they can actually have an effect in the world, discover what that effect is going to be.

Our university is truly special.  We’re a picturesque place on one of the world’s most beautiful islands and a multicultural and diverse place with students from over 40 countries.  We’re an innovative and creative place with a unique commitment to community, economic development, aboriginal learning and research into many aspects of environment and culture. 

We also happen to be the first energy self-sufficient campus in North America. Our sense of community runs deep and our students are committed to giving back, because being actively engaged in community is how we actively build tomorrow’s community leaders. The world is ready for CBU and our new president will help ensure CBU is ready for the world.

The Search Process

Our goal is simple. We want the search process to be comprehensive and collaborative. The search will unfold in phases with a selection deadline of no later than January 31, 2018.

Phase 1: Prepare for Search
✔ Board of Governors’ establishes Presidential Search Committee

✔ Confirm Roles, Responsibilities and Process for Search Committee

Phase 2: Gather Information & Develop Candidate Profile

✔ Develop & launch website and online survey

✔ Select Executive Recruitment Firm

✔ Expand Community Consultation Process

✔ Town Hall: September 18 at 4 pm (CBU Community Session) Verschuren Centre (CS-104)

✔ Town Hall: September 18 at 7 pm (Cape Breton Community Session) Verschuren Centre (CS-104)

Phase 3: Recruit, Review & Evaluate

✔ Advertise Position Description (see full description here)
✔ Create a shortlist of applicants
✔ Conduct interviews

Committee Mandate

The role of the Search Committee, in accordance with the Cape Breton University By-Laws, is to recommend to the Board of Governors a person for the position of President & Vice-Chancellor and to do so in no more than nine months after the formation of the Search Committee.

Message From Chair

On behalf of the Board of Governors’ Presidential Search Committee, thank you for your interest in the future of Cape Breton University. My colleagues and I are very mindful of the significance of the task that lies ahead in the coming months as we work to develop a recommendation for the appointment of the next president of CBU. We understand the importance of this role to the future of our university and our many valued community partners.


Our promise to you is that throughout the process we will keep you informed via this website and provide opportunities for you to share your valued insights and opinions with us. We encourage you to participate in the process when possible and help guide our thinking in terms of candidate profile and selection criteria.


We thank you again for your interest and look forward to this next chapter for Cape Breton University.



Robert Sampson, QC
Chair, CBU Presidential Search Committee

Search Committee Members

Per the Board of Governors By-Law (4.7), the Search Committee shall be composed as follows:

(a) the Chair of the Board, ex officio;

(b) two student Board members who have been nominated by the Students’ Union;

(c) two faculty Board members who have been nominated by the Senate;

(d) one member of the University Leadership Team (ULT);

(e) five Board members who have been otherwise appointed and who are neither students nor employees of the Board.


The Search Committee members are:

Robert Sampson, QC – Chair
Ambrose White – ex-officio
Roy Karam
Brandon MacDonald
Terry Kelly
Keith MacDonald
Darryl Poirier
Howard Windsor
Andrew Molloy
Wendy Wadden
Lois Devoe

Executive Search Firm

Founded in February 1990, Odgers Berndtson Canada Inc. is one of Canada’s leading search firms, offering a broader coverage of the Canadian executive market than any other firm.

Get Involved – Community Input

We know choosing our next president is a decision that is bigger than our university alone.

The president’s leadership and vision will touch our culture, our community, our island and our province, as well as reach nationally and internationally. That’s why we need your help in defining who that person should be.


Through our Community Engagement Survey and Town Hall Sessions (September 18 at 7 pm in CS 104, CBU Campus), you can help us shape the position profile by telling us what’s important to you as we work toward selecting our new president.


*The consultation process has almost concluded. Since June, we’ve heard from many students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Thank you for participating in this important point in the history of Cape Breton University.

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